Memento X

by Fractured Fairytales



Fractured Fairytales 10 year anniversary release "Memento X" contains eight different Industrial artists from all across the US covering and remixing Fractured Fairytales songs as well as three never before pressed Fractured Fairytales B-sides and demos tracks all on one album.
Listen to Fractured Fairytales songs interpreted by Nero Bellum (Psyclon Nine), Abbey Death featuring Abbey Nex (formerly of Psyclon Nine and Combichrist) and Valerie Gentile (Angelspit, Cruxshadows), IndustraWorks with Ed Rhone of Narcotic Wasteland, Sarcophagic, Machines on Blast, Midnight Nightmare, Alex Crescioni of Society 1 and Generation Empty.


released August 17, 2016

Mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound (



all rights reserved


Fractured Fairytales Fayetteville, North Carolina

Fractured Fairytales are a Dark Industrial Metal band reigning from the eastern part of the US. Their sound incorporates elements of Industrial rock, death metal and black metal often themed with dismal and apocalyptic ideologies.

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Track Name: Fractured Fairytales/Nero Bellum - Spirit Drain (Penumbra Opus)
Spirit Drain

Everybody has a secret
Everybody has some demons
Some things only come out at night
The dream is dead, you realize

Panorama of pain
side effects, spirit drain
pressure builds in the veins
enlightenment dissipates

everybody wants rebirth
No answers question their worth
trending now, awakening
least you know you're in a dream

everybody hide their body
what we were is dead and rotting
somewhere new unstitch your eyes
your standing where dreams go to die

The heart convulses out of control
The brain reverses magnetic pull

pray to nothing it goes away
Track Name: Concreate (cover by Sarcophagic)
We’ve done everything to manifest meaning
Our salvation burned untaught and forgotten
Many congregate to undo the mistake
It’s far too late
Join now, pro-death, concreate

Fly into the sun before it blackens
Before it is gone

The essence of nonexistence
The black sun
Euphoric now in our dying ways
The ideologies of the end can be seen
Can be seen
It may not be today but we all know
Its coming

Through duration of existence I will look in all directions
And scry all of the reflections for a message
Maybe once one day uncover some truth
Buried and forgotten and echoing threw

Can’t you see our warrantees are voided at birth
The hole in my head must have been in the earth
Don’t need any tools to measure my worth
The hole in my head must have been in the earth

We see nothing with our third eye
We see nothing threw our third eye

It seems like a bad dream,
The worst things I’m imagining are actually happening
One end, one end
We know we have one end
We all are cursed with it
We know we can’t avoid it but we all know we will join it though
Track Name: God Plug-in 4.0 (cover by Abbey Death)
As time goes by I'm still fading, I'm on the rise
I stay high, on the ground you'll get pulled six feet down
There is no one here and I stay there and I turned to stone
In a tomb of my own creation I dwelt for years and seen a lot of nothing
Watching what they do and hear the stupid shit they say

I will tell you what to do
Make up someone new
and pretend it is you
We could all change the world

Welcome to life
Die for free
I have fallen off the face of the earth, come with me

Now can you see
Rewrite your program more efficiently
Now can you see
Your programs outdated and will not run in me

Now can you see
That the meaning of it all is weakening
Now can you see
The current in the river of time will drowned us all